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What a Difference!

What a difference a tune up makes!

I’ve been really fighting on the bike this spring (Quintana Roo Dulce, 2011). While I can normally roll along pushing pretty big gears and carrying some speed, I just haven’t had it lately. My bike time at the Omaha Women’s Triathlon was not good. People were dropping me left and right and I just couldn’t hang. I thought it was all of the cookies and cupcakes and off-time over the winter…

Turns out it was only partially the cookies and cupcakes and off-time. I took my bike in for a tune up this weekend at Greenstreet Cycles. She got a new chain (mine was apparently way stretched out), a new bottom bracket (mine was all gunked up), cables were adjusted, cassette was cleaned, and everything was all spiffed up.

I took her for a spin last night. WOW! We’re back! I had been so frustrated riding that I just didn’t even want to do it. But last night, I got that feeling back. I was riding on roads that I was struggling to push 15mph just last week and cruising 18-20mph no problem. I was hammering into a pretty good headwind still averaging almost 18mph. I flew up a long hill dumping a friend who had seriously dumped me just a couple weeks ago. Man, that felt good.

We ended up riding just under 30 miles. I can’t wait to go again. What a relief.