Western States 100

Next week Cade and I will make the trek to California for the Western States 100. We are crewing and Cade is pacing for my sister, Kerrie Bruxvoort.

Western States 100 is the oldest and most prestigious 100 mile ultra running race in the world. Originally, it was an all terrain endurance horse race. But when Gordy Ainsleigh’s horse came up lame before the event one year he decided to attempt the course on his own two feet. He made the cutoff time running with the horses that year. The next year more runners showed up and eventually, the horses were pushed out and the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run was born.

Western States is a point to point course starting in Squaw Valley, CA and ending on a high school track in Aubern, CA. The terrain and elevation changes at the race are amazing.

Cade has a dream to run Western States someday, but it is not an easy race to get in to. Hopefuls have to have a qualifying time at certain races in order to be put into a lottery. Then, only a few lucky lottery members actually get chosen. Cade got his qualifying time for next year at the Ouachita Trail 50 earlier this spring. This year he will have one entry in the lottery. If he is not chosen and runs another qualifying time next year, he will have two entries. And so on and so forth until he is chosen to run.

Some people, like my sister, are just super fast and get in to the race by other means. Kerrie got in by winning 2nd place at the 2012 Run Rabbit Run 50, part of the Montrail Ultra Cup. The top two men and women from any race in the Montrail Ultra Cup get an automatic entry into Western States.

irunfar.com released their 2013 Western States women’s race preview today. Kerrie is listed as someone to watch for a potential top 5 finish. Pretty cool that my big sis is such a big deal these days. Read more about the Western States 100 women’s field here: irunfar


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